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Dear Kickstarter Backers,

Welcome to the Pledge Manager of Microturismo ! Thank you for your patience and support from day 1.

This is the place where you can choose you car colors and where you can pick-up extra spare parts that we will fit into your Microturismo package. Also, any addons that you would like to add will help us greatly to pursue the car and app development. To thank you for your support we would like to give you some prototype parts in your package for practicing painting or other customisations processes.

Before you proceed:

  • We will ask you to register onto our website prior to order. Please use the same email address as the one you used for Kickstarter. If you face some issues, drop us a message on kickstarter !
  • You’ll be asked to enter your billing address. Please note that the billing address is where we will ship the car. If you need another billing address, contact us through message or in the note section.
  • If you plan to change house and would like to change the address later on, just drop us a message and we will arrange everything to your conveniance prior to shipping.
  • If you have a triple pack and would like to have 1 addons for each of you cars. Please select a 1x and 2x to have a 3x.

Cheers !

The Microturismo team

Available on back-order

Important for shipping country outside EU: We are only allowed to ship 1 extra battery per car. If you are living outside EU, please don't take more batteries than the number of cars of your Kickstarter pledge. You'll soon be able to order batteries separately from the store.
Include in the pack is the FS-GT2 : a very reliable and perfect remote to start with.
Prevent any DNF with spare electronics and race at all times! Note you will need soldering to change the ESC.
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Spare batteries:
With your Microturismo you get an external USB battery charger. You can charge up to 5 batteries simultaneously while driving your Microturismo. We supply you with 1 large battery and 2 small ones. We recommend to have at least 1 spare large battery as this is the most used one

  • Large battery LiPo 1s – 650mAh – 30c
  • Small battery LiPo 1s – 220mAh – 30c

Important ! For country outside EU: Please note that we are only allowed to ship 1 extra battery per car ! Don’t take more spare batteries than your number of cars if you’re outside the EU.


Goodies and upgrades :

  • Traveling metal case with a pack of foam tyres: The perfect case to travel your Microturismo safely and to carry all the essentials in one place. All made in france, the metal box is also supplied with few sets of spare foam tyres!
  • Metal phone holder: Attach your Android phone to the remote for an optimum experience on the FS-GT2 remote


Car bodywork retail from

These 1:32 cars made by are originaly made for slot cars. With Microturismo you can easily adapt the chassis to fit them. The cars are unpainted and in raw plastic. They require a bit of glue to stick some of their components. We have selected only these few models but any other 1:32 is adaptable (slot cars, die casts, models..). Let us know on social medias the car models you have adapted!


Car custom parts and mechanical spare

We’re designing few optional parts to custom your car with more details, just like a real Formula 1. We are currently finalising the design of the Indycar 2021 spec which we will share soon on social medias.

  • Microturismo full XP1 chassis stainless steel: Basically the full car without the electronics


Spare tyres

Each Microturismo is supplied with 1 set of slick tyres and 1 set of foam tyres. Select these options if you would like more spares.


Wheels (retail from

  • Set of plastic standard wheel size formula: the standard wheels of Microturismo with super soft compound tires, made in Italy. Customisable with wheel inserts.
  • Set of  Aluminium wheels size Formula: Beautiful aluminium wheels size formula, made in Italy. Customisable with wheel inserts.
  • Set of wheel insert modern formula style by Policar
  • Set of Aluminium wheels size GT: Slightly smaller wheels with slick tyres for classic cars. It can be very usefull to adapt the chassis on more models cars ( like GTs, classic cars, touring, rallye)


Spare electronics:

All the electronics are included in Microturismo, however it’s always good to have some extra spare parts as some of the electronics can be damaged by heavy impact or water. We recommend you have one of these spare part to be able to repair the car at all times.

  • Servo motor 1.7g: A heavy duty servo motor for a precise steering system. This servo is rated to 100k cycles, can be damaged with heavy impacts.
  • ESC: Electronic speed controller, this is the electronic board that supply precise power to the motor, can suffer over time from intense driving and humidity.
  • FF-030 Motor: Standard Microturismo motor. Very reliable
  • Camera + Vtx system: One of the best tiny camera for drones on the market. We recommend to take one spare only if you would like to have several car fully equipped or multiple driving view points.


What is Microturismo?

Microturismo is the smallest formula RC car equipped with a camera that gives you real time onboard view from your phone. Made to race at home, it drives and responds like a go-kart.

Above all, the car sits on a unique adjustable chassis made from aerospace stainless steel. It is designed to adapt on most car models from collectibles cars, slot cars to diecasts, from the range 1:32 up to some 1:24. Microturismo is designed by Formula 1 engineers and hand assembled in France. Fully tested at the factory, it’s made to last decades. This unique RC car is the perfect platform to get F1 technology miniaturised.


What’s more ?

3D print customisations, regular DIY upgrades (soon in Library), reparability, power management.. It’s the perfect ride to race at home and at the office.

Discover the full project and join the community on social networks!



What’s in each car pack:

  • Microturismo RC car
  • 16:9 – 1200 TVL Camera FPV system by Caddx
  • USB Video receiver (USB-C and micro USB)
  • Racing slot car drivetrain and tyres by
  • GT2 Gun remote AFHDS-2A by Flysky
  • x2 Small Lithium Polymer batteries 220mAh
  • x1 Large Lithium Polymer battery 650mAh
  • USB Battery charger 5 sockets
  • 4x Super soft tyres ( Silicone)
  • 4x Foam tyres by Home Grand Prix


★Length: 165mm, Width: 74mm, Height: 37
mm ★ Wheelbase: 54mm to 150mm ★ Track: 40mm to 65mm ★ Tire diameter: 20/21mm (Front/Rear) ★ Stainless Steel frame ★ Rear wheel drive (RWD) ★Front wheel suspension travel: 3mm ★ Silicone super soft tyres ★ Compatible with 1:32 slot-car wheels and axles ★ Motor gear 8T ★ Rear axle inline gear 28T ★ Type FF-030 Motor ★ VTX 5.8GhZ 25mW to 200mW ★ Caddx Camera 1200 TVL 16:9 ★ Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) ★ Video receiver USB-C and Micro USB ★ Receiver AFHDS 2A  ( contact us for receiver compatible with D8, D16 or S-FHSS) 

Separately Required Items
★ Nothing, everything is included and ready to race ! 


Security warning !

Microturismo is not a toy and shoud be used only by adults +14. It is a very optimised RC car where the whole design is made for efficiency and reliability, meaning heat dissipation and metal strenght has been dimensionned to the limit. The car is not water resistant and shouldn’t be used in extreme heat. It contains many tiny parts that can be removed and accidentely swallowed by a child. On any circonstance children under 14 should be allowed to use or touch a Microturismo especially if it’s on. The car runs at high temperature and some exposed parts can be very hot !

Microturismo is at the final prototype stage. The prototype version you will get is the limited edition XP1 which would be the base version for the development of the final product Microturismo. The Microturismo XP1 has a user manual that should be understood before any usage. Just like a real racing car it presents some risks, one should be aware of its limitation and usage risks.

Please read Terms and conditions and user manual for more details !


Additional information

Color car 1

Black, Red, White

Color car 2

red, White, black


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